Terms and conditions

1. General terms and conditions

1.1 The owner and the administrator of the web environment www.calctab.com is Calctab OÜ (hereinafter Calctab), business registry code 12560218, e-mail info@calctab.com

1.2 The user terms and conditions of the web environment are mandatory for all users of www.calctab.com (hereinafter the User).

1.3 Calctab may change or amend the present terms and conditions by disclosing such information to the related parties.

1.4 Calctab offers a web environment to the related parties, where the users can mark their data related to working time calculations.

1.5 Any exchange of information between the user and the environment is performed in electronic form and by using the contact data provided in the user terms and conditions or the web environment.

1.6 The User undertakes not to use www.calctab.com web environment for illegal transactions or fraud.

1.7 The User confirms that the data forwarded by him/her for using the service is not misleading, incorrect or false, not in contradiction with applicable laws and other legal acts or good practise.

1.8 The User undertakes not to damage or disturb the normal use of the portal www.calctab.com and to avoid intentionally caused errors in the work of the server and programs of the portal.

1.9 The User undertakes to keep the password and username given to him/her for using the portal in such a way that such data would not be disclosed to third parties, except in case when the User has authorized such third parties to represent him/her when using the service.

1.10 The User confirms that he/she is a physical person or legal person, the representative of which has all authorizations to use the portal on behalf of such a legal person, to act on behalf of such a legal person and to undertake obligations in the name of such legal person.

1.11 Calctab reserves a right to immediately delete data which is incorrect or does not correspond to good practise as well as data the content of which is inappropriate in the context of the portal.

1.12 Calctab is not responsible for the legality of the data published in the web environment as well as for the correctness, accuracy, completeness or actuality of such data.


2. Principles for processing personal data

2.1 Calctab processes personal data which is inserted by the users of the web environment. The collected data is above all being used for identifying the user.

2.2 Calctab collects and saves personal data in electronic form but also makes extracts form the data in other forms as well, if necessary.

2.3 Calctab does not give personal data to any third parties or disclose such data to third parties, except in cases provided in the user terms and conditions.


3. Final provisions

3.1 The terms and conditions enter into force after the User has accepted them and are valid during the time the legal relationship determined in the user terms and conditions is valid between the User and Calctab.

3.2 The User is entitled to withdraw from the terms and conditions in 14 days after accepting them, notifying Calctab about it by using electronic communication means.

3.3 Calctab is entitled to change the information published by a User of the web environment or close his/her account and not to allow him/her to register as a user again, if the User violates the present terms and conditions or the obligations rising therefrom, if he/she has presented false or misleading information or is behaving malignantly.

3.4 The legal relationships between the User and Calctab arising from the usage of the web environment are subject to the valid laws of the European Union.

3.5 The User and Calctab attempt to solve the disputes arising from the usage of the web environment by negotiations. If mutual agreement is not reached, the dispute is solved according to procedures provided by law.